What should I avoid if I Have Sciatica?

What should I avoid if I Have Sciatica?

Pain on the back or the outer side of the leg is associated with Sciatica condition. This pain is mostly caused by lumbosacral and lower lumbar spine irritation. When you compress the spinal nerves, it exerts pressure on the outer part, therefore, causing you to feel pain.

Even though it’s not possible to prevent Sciatica, there are several practices to avoid entirely. Avoiding the below methods if you have Sciatica avoids worsening our condition.

1. Cigarette Smoking

Smoking practices not only does it affect the lungs but also worsens your Sciatica condition. They contain nicotine, which promotes disc degeneration. If you don’t avoid smoking, your pain will become chronic, as well as increases the leg dumbness.

2. Sitting for Long Hours

Sitting for long hours exerts pressure on the spine; therefore, it will only worsen your Sciatica condition. Avoid sitting for long hours to relieve yourself of the chronic pain associated with these conditions. Kayaking and canoeing activities require you to sit for long hours. Avoid such plans until you are fully recovered.

Cycling also requires you to stretch your legs as well as strain your back for long, which is very dangerous if you are suffering from Sciatica. If it’s a must, you ride a bicycle, take breaks, and avoid overstretching your body. Also, adjust the bike peddles as well as the back seat to reduce the back pain.

3. Heavy Lifting Exercise

Going for heavy lifting machines can do more harm to your existing Sciatica condition. Heavy lifting strains the back, and it herniated discs, there will be increased pain. Instead of deadlifts, consider lifting while your back is straight and holding objects close to the chest, this technique helps to relieve back pain.

4. Twisty jobs or sports

Beware of any activities that require twisting your torso. Ice hockey, paddle boarding, tennis, and basketball would aggravate the back pain. When you feel any numbness or twinges, then know you have to stop such twisting sports since they can accelerate your sciatica condition.

Even if these are your favorite games, avoid them for some time until you have calmed, and your muscles feel relaxed.

5. Bent-Over Row exercise

This exercise targets your arms and the back. The bent-over row practice benefits your body in many ways, but when done poorly, it’s fatal straining your back. It increases disc herniation, which in return worsens the Sciatica symptoms such as back pain and leg numbness.

It’s also essential to avoid leg circles exercise. They involve swinging the legs in a full circle, which might irritate the sciatic nerve. Avoid yoga poses or ant circuit training workouts that strain your muscles.

Bottom Line

Exercise is mean to benefit the body and enhance general body fitness. When not done correctly, they are dangerous and cause training of the sciatic nerve, which in return creates a lot of pain at the back as well as numbness in your legs.

Anytime you are at the gym, ensure you follow the guidelines provided and of not go for dense masses if you are more significant. Consider Sciatica treatment in case you feel any of the above symptoms.