Top 10 Most Common Injuries Seen by Sports Chiropractor’s

Top 10 Most Common Injuries Seen by Sports Chiropractor’s

Injuries are a common occurrence as a result of everyday activities or underlying health issues. One of the most effective ways to deal with these issues is by visiting a sports chiropractor. You can have a specialist get to the underlying causes for your injuries and device ways to get you feeling better and performing at your level best. Here are some common injuries that a sports chiropractor can help you with.

1) Knee Injuries

A common knee injury issue results as a result of tear or sprain of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). Some of the symptoms may include a swelled knee, pain, tenderness, discomfort while walking, and difficulties in achieving your full range of motion.

2) Hamstring Injuries

This injury occurs when the tendons or muscles of the back thigh experience a strain or tear. The injury is usually classified according to the severity of the injury. A mild strain or muscle pull is classified as a grade 1 injury, a grade 2 injury will be as a result of a partial muscle tear, while a complete muscle tear will result in a grade 3 classification. The treatment and duration of recovery will depend on the severity of the injury.

3) Shin Splits

Also referred to as Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, this injury results in painful and inflamed shins. It is often a result of stress on the bone tissue, tendons, or muscles around the tibia.

4) Sciatica

This is a common type of pain that affects the sciatica nerve that runs from the lower back into the back of each leg. It mostly results in lower back pain, pain on either side of your rear, hip pain, or a burning or tingling feeling down one side of your legs. While it might be mild in some people, it can also be severe and debilitating depending on its severity.

5) Groin Pull/Strain

It usually occurs when too much stress is imparted on the muscles of the groin or thigh area. This results in tearing or overstretching of the groin muscles. Depending on its severity, it can result in mild, moderate or severe pain.

6) Hip Flexor Strain

This injury usually occurs when there is a tear or overstretching of the muscles in the hips. It usually results in pain around the area where the hips and thigh connect.

7) Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injuries are a common occurrence that may be due to dislocation, sprain or strain. They are usually a result of strenuous activities that involve the use of shoulder muscles.

8) Tennis Elbow

Also known as Lateral Epicondylitis, this is a condition that results in pain or inflammation around the outside area of the elbow. It usually results in pain when performing activities that require twisting or fully extending your arms.

9) Sprained Ankle

A sprained ankle is one of the most common injuries suffered by people of all ages. It is usually as a result of a misstep that results in the stretching or tearing of an ankle ligament. Depending on its severity, it may cause pain, swelling, or difficulties in walking.

10) Arch Pain

This is a common injury that occurs under the arch of the foot. It usually results in an inflammation of tendons and tissues under the foot. This leads to pain or difficulties while walking.