Why are Osmo Patches Ideal for Pain Relief?

Why are Osmo Patches Ideal for Pain Relief?

Osmo patches are a recommended remedy in chiropractic. Since this practice involves minimizing soreness and rectifying the alignment of the body without the use of drugs, Osmo patches come in handy. Proper care from practitioners such as Chatfield Chiropractic who is a credible Sunbury Chiropractor, should help with joint aches, muscle aches, and pains in other body parts.

What is an Osmo Patch?

Just like the name suggests, an Osmo patch is a plaster. It is attached to an inflamed part of the body such as the knee. The plaster acts as a functional substitute to other treatments used for pain relief and is thought of as invasive. The Osmo patch is considered a natural remedy, that applies the scientific concept of osmosis to alleviate inflammation. It is through osmosis that solvents penetrate membranes and move from one region to another.

In this context, once an Osmo patch has been attached to the inflamed part of the body, the fluid in this region diffuses into the patch. Consequently, the swelling and soreness are reduced. For quicker healing and for it to be completely successful, the Osmo patch should be paired with sufficient rest. That is why it is more effective when the patch is attached before retiring to bed and then detached and thrown away upon waking up.

Most Suitable Users of Osmo Patches

  1. Clients who opt to use natural remedies for pain relief.
  2. Clients under hypertension medication. Osmo patched gets rid of excess fluids and enhances blood flow around the patched region.
  3. Clients who have used alternative medication that has not yielded any effective results.
  4. Clients who are prohibited from using some kinds of medication because of underlying conditions or their age.

What Conditions are Treated by an Osmo Patch?

Osmo patches treat numerous conditions. However, below are the most common ones where these patches are used:

  1. Tendonitis

This is a condition resulting from an injury to the tendon, leading to swelling and pain. The motion of the tendon is impacted, subsequently causing rigidity and joint aches.

  1. Arthritis

The feet are the parts of the body most vulnerable to arthritis. This condition refers to inflammation of single or multiple joints. Wear and tear as well and infections are primary causes of arthritis.

  1. Bursitis

At the points where our bones interact with our skin or muscles, are tiny pads known as a bursa. Their purpose is to reduce friction and in case they swell, it is quite painful. This inflammation is referred to as bursitis.

  1. Baker’s cyst

A baker’s cyst is a swelling that occurs at the back of the knee and can be caused by arthritis or worn-out cartilage. The cyst leads to pain and stiffness of the knee or the entire leg.

What is the Result of Using Osmo Patches for the Above Conditions?

Here are the outcomes to expect when an Osmo patch is used for treatment:

  1. Minimized pain
  2. Less stiffness
  3. Reduced inflammation
  4. Faster healing

The Osmo patch is an ideal remedy since it backs chiropractic and can be used individually as a therapeutic cure. In addition to this, the patch can be used at any time of the day, with results beginning to show within half a day.