The Best Ways to Ease Your Heel and Bunion Pain

The Best Ways to Ease Your Heel and Bunion Pain

Most women suffer from heel pain and bunions which is a bone and soft tissue deformity. This deformity occurs at the base of the big toe, which can result in relapsing or constant pain. A bunion deformity develops when the metatarsal bone of the foot curves outward and the big toe bends toward the other toes making your joint to jut out.

Eventually, you will not be able to walk or even do your daily exercise since you will be feeling pain. Taking into consideration simple measures such as better posture can help you relieve pressure on the toe and improve your foot mechanics. Pain normally occurs just behind or under your heel where your foot’s Achilles tendon connects to your heel bone. Here are simple measures that can greatly help you relieve your bunion and heel pain.


Choose the Right Shoes

Even if your shoes have a square foot box and low heels, they may be wrongly fitted. Most foot problems arise since most women tend to select fashion over support and comfort. While you think that you know your correct shoe size, manufacturer’s shape and size can vary enormously making you select the wrong one.

It is normal for your shoe size to change as you become old since the amount of vertical pressure exerted on your feet can cause your bones to flatten and spread over time. You should make sure that your shoes have a flexible and wide sole to provide support for your foot. They should also have enough toe box to accommodate your bunion. Having the right shoe helps you reduce bunions and heel pain since less pressure is exerted.


Foot Exercise

Foot excercise is a great way of stretching out your toes and heel. It also helps you to maintain mobility in your toe joint and prevent the condition from getting worse. You can check out on these three simple bunion exercises below if you are looking to relieve your bunion pain.

  • Gently hold your toe and rotate it in an anticlockwise and clockwise direction. As you work on your toe, you should be careful if you experience painful arthritis since it could aggravate your symptoms.
  • You can walk along a beach since it provides a gentle foot massage and it also helps to develop strength in your toes.
  • You can also try picking up small marbles with the toes. This is an excellent exercise since it keeps your foot flexible. To do it perfectly, you can place your marbles on the floor and use the toes to pick them up one at a time while placing them in a bowl.


When to Look for Help

Although heel and bunion pain can be handled or eased naturally, the only way you can eliminate them is by surgery. If you feel that your heel and bunion pain is getting worse, it is the right time to look for medical advice from your personal doctor, particularly if it starts to affect your running or walking ability.