Kick Out Foot Pain

Kick Out Foot Pain

A pain in the foot can be as a bad as a pain in the neck. Foot pain is known to radiate up the legs, into the shins, knees, hips, and even the lower back.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this at some point in your life, when wearing a pair of rather inadvisable shoes, you’ve felt pain in the bottom of your back, with a need to sit down often to relieve it. Whilst you might have thought this was back pain, it was more likely to be due to your feet.

Feet are complex, there’s no denying it. Feet carry you through life quite literally, carrying your weight from the moment you learn to walk, to the moment you stop walking; it’s no wonder therefore that injury and problems can easily stem from here, but the good news is that most of these issues are easily treated with simple techniques.

Like anything in life, it’s always a good idea to seek early treatment, as this will stop a problem from becoming chronic and long-lasting, and prevent issues from appearing in other parts of the body. In the case of foot pain, when left untreated this can cause balance problems too.

Most people out there have suffered an issue with their feet at some point, and the worrying thing is that many are walking around right now who don’t even know they have a problem. For instance, wearing your shoes down on one side quicker than the other is a sign that you are walking incorrectly. It’s not a problem at the time, but as the years go on, you might find you develop pain in other areas, all down to the fact you didn’t get help at the time.

You recognise the issue, what can be done?

An initial visit to the chiropractic could be all you need to set the wheels of treatment in motion. Your chiropractor will conduct an in-depth assessment of your gait, balance, walking, and probably use a scanning system to identify where you distribute pressure, and to diagnose any existing injuries. Once this information is available, a proper treatment plan can be developed to suit your needs, and your needs only.

A popular and very simple treatment method is orthotic insoles. You can buy these from department stores and pharmacies, but it’s always a better idea to have a set made for you by your chiropractor. Generalised orthotic insoles aren’t made with your particular requirements in mind, and a specialised set will allow you to swap from shoe to shoe, giving you comfort, support, and ease of movement.

Insoles work wonders for taking the strain off joints, correcting imbalances, and giving you freedom of motion. All of this is so easily achieved, so don’t struggle with foot pain for a second longer. Call the practice now on 03 9857 4503 to arrange an appointment to discuss your particular needs and issues.

Help is on the horizon, kick out that foot pain for good.