Injuries in Cricket: Rotator Cuff

Injuries in Cricket: Rotator Cuff

We all know how popular cricket as a sport is, but what most of you are unaware of is the ordeal the cricketers have to face in terms of injuries. Yes, Injuries are very common in the game of cricket. Ask any cricketer and they shall tell you that they have to deal with small niggles every now and then..

There is no denying the fact that rotator cuff injuries, especially rotator cuff tears are probably the most common and recurring injuries faced by cricketers. Consulting a South Perth Chiropractoris definitely advised to address such a situation.

What the rotator cuff is all about? – Do you know?

The rotator cuff constitutes four muscles which surround the shoulder joint. These 4 muscles are the Teres Minor, infraspinatus, supraspinatus,and subscapularis. Considering the fact that the rotator cuff is responsible for stabilising your shoulder, even a slight tear can deeply affect how you move your arm.

How does the rotator cuff get injured?

Most South Perth Chiropractor’s shall admit to the fact that rotator cuff strains and tears are the most common problems among cricketers. Cricketers have to put a lot of strain on the shoulders whether in training or during the match. More often than not, a rotator cuff tear happens simply because of the over-use of the shoulders.

However, these kind of injuries aren’t as straightforward as you think and ignoring it may be the worst decision. More often than not, people end up getting the wrong treatment because before anything serious happens, they hit the panic button. Precisely for this reason,it’s imperative that you get your facts straight before consulting a South Perth Chiropractor and going for such treatments.

Some of the most important facts about rotator cuff tears are:-

  • More often than not, simple injuries cause rotator cuff tears. If you suddenly trip over and fall on your side or meet with a collision, you shall notice that you are having difficulties in moving your arm. Well, the chances are that your rotator cuff has been subjected to a traumatic rotator cuff tear. These kind of problems should be treated as soon as possible by a qualified South Perth Chiropractor.
  • Worn out tissues or degeneration is probably one of the primary causes of tear in the rotator cuff. Although most degenerative tears are minor, some might turn out to be major ones if untreated for aconsiderable amount of time. In this kind of tear, surgery isn’t the only option. The Chiropractor Applecross you are visiting shall first try out non-surgical treatments. If the results are inappropriate, only then shall they suggest corrective surgeries.
  • Just like a rubber band, your tendons shall also start to retract if there is a tear on the other hand. It’s the same with your rotator cuff as well because if the tear is significant, it shall also start to retract.

These are some of the facts which you need to keep in mind about rotator cuff tears. If you are suffering from this problem, the best option is to consult expert Chiropractor Applecross. Call at (08) 61508785 in Scarborough or(08) 61508783 in Mount Pleasant if you wish to book an appointment and you shall get the best possible treatment.