Improve Your Brain Health

Improve Your Brain Health

It is an unfortunate fact that although we can expect to live longer, brain health problems, whether degenerative disease or problems affecting the brain, such as strokes, are seriously affecting the quality of life for older people.

An organization called the DANA Foundation runs a Brain Awareness Week every year during March. Although not affiliated with, nor endorsed by the DANA Foundation, their work in promoting awareness of research results and in developing new research projects on these brain problems is wholeheartedly supported by Ealing Chiropractor, Johan C. Jeronimus DC DACNB.

He emphasises how we can all do more to ensure that we can go on enjoying life, well into our senior years, by taking care of our bodies, and our brains! Below, he has set out three steps that we could all follow to help ensure good brain health in our old age.

  1. Provide Your Brain With The Right Fuel!

Good nutrition is vital, not only for the health of our bodies but also for the health of our brains. We need to ensure that what we eat and drink provides sufficient for our body’s needs and to consider supplementation in the areas where we might fall short. This is one area where your Ealing Chiropractor could help, as nutritional advice is part of the holistic care from Neuroworks Chiropractic Clinic.

It is very important to nourish the cardiovascular system that transports nutrients to the body, and to the brain with healthy, monounsaturated fats and with Omega-3 fatty acids. It is equally important to consume sufficient insoluble and soluble fibre in the diet, not only to protect the digestive system, but also to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Dark Chocolate and coffee both have benefits for memory, mood and concentration and eating nuts and seeds to provide Vitamin E can help to protect the brain from cognitive decline.

Keeping ‘fuel’ flowing to the brain in a steady stream, in the form of glucose in the blood, can be improved by eating foods such as pulses and beans that help to even out blood sugar levels, preventing the peaks and troughs in supply that could, otherwise occur.

Lastly, eating a diet rich in antioxidant fruits and vegetables will protect the brain against free radical damage from oxidative stress. (1)

  1. Nourish Your Brain Health With Adequate Sleep

The importance of sleep for our general wellbeing has been widely publicised. Sleep can be of great benefit to levels of stress and anxiety. Serotonin levels are replenished during sleep so insufficient sleep is a key factor in the risk of developing depression. (2)

  1. Improve The Health of Your Brain and Body With Exercise

Exercise can directly, and indirectly, benefit brain health. Improved mood, better sleep and a reduction in levels of stress and anxiety are all indirect benefits of regular exercise and important factors in avoiding cognitive decline. Reduced insulin resistance, lowered levels of inflammation and better release of growth factors are all direct brain health benefits of exercise (growth factors help with the production and survival of new brain cells and in the creation of new blood vessels in the circulatory network that feeds our brains).

Any exercise is probably better than doing none at all, but for the best results, regular, targeted exercise is the most beneficial. One point worth mentioning is that adequate protection for the brain in the form of correct headgear is vital. All head injuries have the potential to be very serious indeed so always seek medical attention if you are unfortunate enough to be injured. (3)

Your Chiropractor Can Help

Sticking to the three-step plan for better brain health outlined above can be tricky if a physical, biomechanical problem is holding you back and stopping you from exercising regularly or if you are unsure whether your diet adequately meets your nutritional needs. If you have a hectic lifestyle that prevents you from being able to relax sufficiently to sleep at night, you might feel too tired to think about exercising or preparing a healthy meal for yourself.

Luckily, your Ealing Chiropractor can provide, treatment, help, advice and support in the areas of exercise, sleep and nutrition so for your peace of mind and your brain health, please call Neuroworks on 020 8566 3757 and take the first step toward better brain health, today.